2024 General Election: Ask candidates to Rally With Refugees

The general election is around the corner, and it's time to show what the UK stands for: solidarity and a warm welcome for refugees.

Refugees have suffered under hostile policies for too long, and too many lives have been lost because there are no safe ways to come here. In the past twelve months, nearly 2,800 children risked their lives crossing the Channel alone, just to reach safety and loved ones.

The future of refugees in the UK is on the ballot in this election. Ask your candidate to pledge to prioritise safe routes for the next 5 years, so people fleeing war and persecution can find safety, family, and a fresh start in the UK.

  • Why it matters

    We only have a few weeks to ensure the next government puts compassion before politics, and makes welcoming refugees a priority.

    For years, refugees have been deterred from coming to the UK at all costs, and too many lives have already been lost in the Channel. 19 people have died this year trying to reach family and safety here, all because there are no safe alternatives.

    If children have no safe route to reach family, we have found that they are likely to risk their lives on dangerous journeys to reach loved ones. The harder it is for children to reunite with their loved ones through official pathways, the harder it is for us to compete with smugglers, who promise reunification within days.

    – Alamara, Lawyer at Safe Passage International

    Another way is possible. Use our quick and easy tool to show future leaders that cruelty won't win votes – but compassion will.

  • What we're asking for

    Our work proves that the most effective way to prevent dangerous journeys at sea or on foot, and break the grip of smugglers, is to create safe routes for refugees. But the UK's hostile environment makes routes to safety, family, and hope a distant dream for most.

    That's why we're asking all political parties to commit to:

    1. End the use of inflammatory, racist and anti-refugee rhetoric.
    2. Ensure refugees have safe alternatives to dangerous journeys
    3. Renew the UK’s commitment to international cooperation.
    4. Restore the right to seek asylum and build an asylum system with dignity

    Read our manifesto to find out more.

  • What you can do

    Parties are about to release their manifestos, and they need to hear from you that refugee rights matter and that the UK should be a welcoming place. By using our tool, you can make sure your future MP gets the message loud and clear. It's our right to make sure MPs act on the issues we care about – and there's no better time to set things straight than before they take office.

    We'll be sharing more ways you can directly influence your candidates and make sure they're really on board with safe routes, so make sure to sign up to our mailing list and follow us on social media!

  • How we can make change happen

    Studies show that the UK public has amongst the most positive attitudes towards migration globally – despite what politicians and the media have been telling us for years.

    As our elected representatives, our candidates need to embody the values that we, the British public, really stand for: humanity, solidarity, and the right to be with family. But they won't take action unless we tell them to – so we need to get as many of us as possible to speak up, including by sharing our support on social media and talking to our friends and family.

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